Enterprise Portals

There could be myriad reasons why a business chooses to implement an enterprise portal. Whatever the objective, the goal is always to integrate people, processes and information across an organization seamlessly. An enterprise portal is such that can be used by a Startup to scale business operations, a mid sized company to organize information flow into processes, or for a big company to enable business process innovation. The success of an organization depends on how efficiently they are able to share information between people and how seamlessly they collaborate to create value. So, depending on technology becomes inevitable for a business after a certain point to improve performance, and hence this is where, Enterprise Portals come into the picture.

Companies can achieve high-performance by investing in portals, as they reduce operational costs, increase return on investments, and improve collaboration. So if you are a startup and want to organize from day one, or a profitable company now wanting to dish into the next orbit, or an established company now wanting to spread business beyond boundaries, we can unlock the true potential and suggest Portals that will help you simplify business! Right from a simple intranet to manage attendance to as complicated as managing logistics, we cover the entire range of enterprise portals that exist today.

Mobile Apps

It’s a world of #hashtags and selfies, but there is a lot more to using a mobile that businesses have FOMO(Fear of Missing Out) these days. Hence every business wants to go mobile. The advent of technology is a double edged sword, on one hand it has brought a business to its consumer pocket, however on the other hand, it has created a two way medium for a consumer to instantly dispose you off, if you don’t keep the consumer engaged. Building such engaged Apps is an art, and we have mastered it.

Our team of mobile evangelists are themselves from the millennial generation, and hence they understand the nuances of the consumer of today, and hence curate the apps to be more adaptive and progressive. From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch to highly fragmented multi-device android, or from hybrid applications to Android wearable, we have done it all!


CMS or Content Management Systems is like the “Shared Services Department of an organization. With cut throat competitions and reduced margins, several companies are cutting workforce to reduce cost just to stay afloat. It’s a very volatile environment, and hence a Shared Service Department is becoming a thing of the passé. But somebody still has to do the job. This is where the use of CMS comes in.

Over the years many CMS libraries and frameworks have come out making web development a DIY thing. And this was in-line with the increase of bloggers, social engagement platforms which became perfect use cases for a CMS enabled website. It’s like the universe is conspiring every bit to fall in the right place in terms of web engineering. Our teams are here to help you build your CMS enabled web asset making you more agile in running your business with the leanest of teams.


Simply put, a business that buys and sells and performs the basic unit of transaction digitally is called E-Commerce. We are in the internet age, and more than 50% of the businesses are operating online. Any business that is selling products online is an ecommerce company. However there are nuances which come with doing business online, and the attributes required to make a business successful is way different than of a brick and mortar business.

Building an ecommerce website not only requires technical knowledge, but it also needs the development team to understand the criticality of business operations. For instance, an end to end ecommerce website should be able to give the consumer these basic functions – browse, chose, select, order, manage payment, manage delivery, manage rejections, and manage communications until the product reaches the buyer. Today, there are several ecommerce platforms, some are good in some things, some are not, and we will tell you what works for you and is within your budget.

Database Consulting

Imagine you sell thousands of products on your website, how do you keep track of what is available and what is not? Having the right database administered in an effective way will help you run your business more efficiently. Data if organized well can become information, which can turn into intelligence.

We at Ravden Technologies understand the importance of Data, and hence have got onboard consultants with apt expertise in building rock solid databases.

Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB – We can use anyone of these, to build your world class Database.


When the use of web started off back in the day, the look and feel of an interface was not given importance as the usage was limited to coders, application user etc. Slowly but surely, as the “user” kept evolving, the need of evolving the interface also started becoming important. It is said, that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it subtly means that the look and feel of the cover is important.

Today, the user interface has moved paces ahead, and it is not just about how good it looks, it is also about how easy it is to use. It’s not just a visual thing anymore, the user-interface needs to make life easy for the user aka customer! It’s about the experience as well. There is so much content out there today, that attention span of an individual user is miniscule, and hence the importance of UI & UX. Then comes the complexity of having to display the same content on multiple devices – like a tab, mobile and then in mobile, so many different types of mobile screens. So, the design of a website, has to be like water that can fit into any shape, and hence our experts exactly know how to make Fluidic Responsive Web Design. So reach out to us, if you want to look consistent across devices and still be very user friendly…

Branding & Digital Marketing

Gone are those days, when you build a good product and it will be sold. Today, you need to build a good product, and then you need to package it well, you need to beat the clutter of a thousand competitors and then reach your customer whose attention span is not more than 3 seconds, and then…. Make an impression! This is only possible if you have a well thought brand in place, and a rock solid digital presence.

We can do both for you, build your brand identity and then your visibility online with our Branding & Digital Marketing expertise. Remember the famous phrase – out of sight, out of mind…. Well it is very true in today’s scenario, so no matter even if you are a big and established brand, if you don’t manage your reputation and eminence online, you can still lose your brand equity overnight, because this is the age of “Open Communication” – the customer doesn’t like your product or brand, s/he can write, tweet, blog, share on various platforms and that too FREE of cost, and if it goes viral, then you are up against a digital monster… Hence, managing your brand on a daily basis is as important as creating one! Talk to us, if you want to be on the right side of business…

Illustrations & Animations

Details: Our illustration areas are in realistic, semi-realistic and stylized illustrations.

Our skills: Children’s book, Comic Book , Graphic Novel Art , fantasy, Caricature, Portrait , Book cover, Coloring book, character Design , Storyboard, Game and logo illustrations.

Our Animation Areas are Logo Animation , 2D Animation and After effects.

Software Support & Consulting

A software consultant is a professional who assesses a business or organization’s processes and provides software solutions and other recommendations based on that assessment. This professional may perform this function either as a self-employed individual, or as part of a software consulting firm. He or she may integrate customized software into a business or organization’s processes in order to increase efficiency and minimize manpower or costs.

We provide extreme solutions and services from strategy, solution, evaluation & requirements because we provides technical advice on how to create, configure & setup your software or application and guide you how the application should be implemented in your current industry. Our full teams of outstanding expertise is always ready to support customers over phone, email, live chat or secure online connection, 24×7 – day and night.